1 *Plateau Photo Contest* in collaboration with BRiCC a Jos based NGO.Date: 14th-12th May 2019 TIME:2pm
2 *Bikers’Show* Date:19th April 2019 TIME:6pm
(3) STREET CARNIVAL DATE:20TH APRIL … Venue: Jos Polo Field
(4) *Carnival King & Queen pageantry* Date 21st April 2019,Venue: Sarau Event center time: 3pm
4 *Hiking* in collaboration with Wayfarers.DAte: 27th April 2019,venue: Wild life park ,TIME:8am
6 *Mini Polo Tournament* in collaboration with Rotary International … 27th April, 2019 … Venue: Jos Polo Field
This event is organized by Folks innovation LTD and
Powered by Plateau state government.