100level student of an undisclosed university from Benue state sent lecturer out of class after shouting Marlians.

The lecturer who was on the 31st of January 2020 having a class with the student was forced to live the class after a student shouted marlians in the class.

While the lectures was going on at about 1:30pm a phone rang in the class, the lecturer enquired to know the owner of the cellphone to which a student responded say “he is a marlian”.

Knowing this is their usual way of disrupting the class, the lecturer asked that the student who said that should live the class, to which nobody replied.

The lecturer asked that the disrespectful student be provided or the whole class will face the punishment.

The lecturer was forced to live the class as the student refused to provide the cooprite.

Marlians is a word used to describe followers or fans of the popular Nigerian singer know by his stage name Naira Marley.

Unfortunately this issue of Marlians has corrupted the mind of Nigerian youths such that respect has been stolen from them.

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