Rap ka Tswar ga, Popular Benue Hip Hop god KrayzieTee Atu has blasted, stating clearly that he is the reason why hip hop still lives in Benue. 

He told rappers who aren't keeping it real to go get ghost writers.

He listed his hit tracks in the likes of Oga Sam, Ka talent, Godobi, Details Doo ga, De ve lam, behind enemy lines, Tom ngee and Kanyi Jimi.

"In this lockdown alone, I dropped 3 songs for my friends and fans while some of your acclaimed rappers are still Bragging about their wack tracks from four years ago. Don't starve your fans like that, if you can't keep up fuck off or go gospel like some of my friends" he posted. 

Meanwhile he gave a big shout out to Mawthie for keeping it real.

This ranting comes after his latest track Kanyi Jimi, could this be a way of promoting his song?