Recently, a new trend could be seen by ardent followers of Benue development.

Though BENUEBIGGEST has been fascinated by this  fast growing organization, it hasn't gathered its balls around finding out exactly what the hell BENUE MOST PHOTOGENIC is all about, until lately.

Come on man, who are you kidding?

But looking a few times around  it, BENUEBIGGEST realizes that this, my  friend is the real deal!!!

BENUE MOST PHOTOGENIC is the next rated banging all rounder in the state and beyond.

Benue Most Photogenic is an initiative that seeks to unite Benue Citizens through exercises that involve the promotion of the culture of beauty.

Benue is a State that is endowed with a lot of beauty ranging from our natural grasslands and environment to the people who inhabit these lands.

Benue Most Photogenic tries to explore this vast beauty while promoting it to the world. This will be done in contests and pageantries which encourage people to showcase their beauty- that which makes them different.

These contests feature on a regular basis with big prizes to be won. 

BENUE MOST PHOTOGENIC is here to stay!!!!!