SHOULD A WOMAN BE IN MINISTRY OR NOT?. Write up by Kuku Austin Adanwo

SHOULD A WOMAN BE IN MINISTRY OR NOT?. Write up by Kuku Austin Adanwo

please read and be blessed.

Many people have argued to whether or not women should be in ministry because of some problematic scriptures in the new testament. I think God have used many women and is still using them for the propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Let us dissect and explain two of such problematic scriptures.

Problem passage 1:


Text: 1cor.14:34-35 says; let your women keep silence in the churches:for it is not permitted unto them to speak,but they are commanded to be under obedience,as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything,let them ask their husbands at home.

Paul would not contradict himself on what he said in chapter 11of 1cor. if his emphasis was to discourage women in ministry.

1. Three words explain- To explain this scripture,the words women,speak and saith has to be understood.

a. WOMEN:The word 'women' is a Greek word 'gune' which means a wife(not just any female). These are specific instructions for wives.

b.SPEAK: It is a Greek word 'laleo' which means an extended or random harangue; to boast and call out without decorum or respect for others.

c.SAITH: In contrast to the word laleo,saith comes from Greek word 'lego' meaning to 'lay forth' usually an idea or doctrine ( saith the law)

Hence Lego was encouraged while Laleo was discouraged.

An expanded translation of this scripture is this:

Let the wives abstain from (laleo) interrupting the meetings of the church with an extended or random harangue full of prideful boasting or calling out to others in a way that is without proper decorum or respect for others in the churches,for it is not permitted unto them to speak (laleo-interrupt) but they are commanded to be in obedience,as also saith (Lego-to set forth idea or doctrine) the law.And if they desire to enquire about anything,let them ask their husbands at home,for it is a shame for them to speak (laleo) in the church.

In summary,

We (both men and women) are given the mandate(great commission) by Jesus in Mark 16:15, to spread the Gospel to every creature in the world. 

Women were the first evangelist to spread the goodnews of the resurrection of our lord and render they many services to the Lord and were used of God mightily. Hence it is your duty whether a boy or girl,man or woman to carry out the assignment.

Watch out for the second problematic passage about women In ministry.

#extract from the shepherd's staff#

Note: The writing is subject to addition or subtraction, questions and contribution as it is but a Bible study to strengthen one another in faith.

Remain blessed.

Kuku Austin Adanwo.